Neither do I

00:02:16 video, 2020

On March 16, 2020, I tried to catch up statement of government about current situation. I open youtube live streaming and did my best to follow up. I thought it probably works by using sound input function of google translator. Neither did google translator, nor did I get what the actual live streaming content was. This video shows my confusion of the moment.


Virtual walk

00:01:43 video, 2020

On March 22, 2020, I wanted to go out for a walk. But I chose to stay at home. This was due to concerns about infections, racism, and pollen. So, I choose to walk through virtual platform.

Like physical walk, I started from my home. Then I figured out 2 time line existed on same spot and just kept wandering close around my home. My plan to get some fresh air (even though it was virtual experience) was unsuccessful. When can I go out, really?


To take a seat at a cafe in Korea, you put your belongings there and go to order. There is a lot of CCTV in my life in Korea, though I don’t know if people’s morality is carried out with the fact that they are being monitored. I’ve been doing this, and it hasn’t been a problem until then, so it was kind of a tacit agreement. Living abroad, I thought I had to be more cautious about my belongings, but in Groningen, where I lived, I didn’t think of things to be stolen. Through the ING transfer details, I noticed that he use my card at Burger King for three times. Yes, maybe I could be generous on this like, ‘robber must be hungry’. But in Korea, if someone steals your belongings, the robber never dares to use a card. I was really shocked.

And while I was in the Police office to make a police report, I notice that there was a surveillance camera. And as I talked about this incident with people around me, I found that my views and perceptions of privacy were very different from theirs. For example, “It is better without a surveillance camera than took our freedom and our privacy.”. I know there is a surveillance camera that contains a photo of the thief. Nevertheless, Police never give information about the procedure, and the case became a cold case. So, I made this project.

Raspberry pi, accelerometer, pi camera, arduino, 2020

‘Even if I know your face, I don’t know who you are, and I won’t know you, no matter what I do.’

Distorted memory

In this video, 새폴더 is new folder(untitled folder) in Korean; when you make a new folder it has name of ‘untitled folder’ in english. This is a video of me looking inside of the folder, where and what is stored, or what photos are stored in the 새폴더 (new folder). I collect photos and videos. Despite the limited storage space, I thought it was definitely worth saving back then. But If I didn’t take the time to look on it, it is like nothing. Perhaps it is because the folders were not named and left as a new folder. After all, this is no different from the valuables in the garbage bag.  If I don’t look and cherish collected memory again, then the genuine meaning of memory is lost if it is still saved with digital form.

Glitched videos, 2020

These 3 videos are also about my memory. After years of traveling, I am not able to remember when it was exactly. Travel memories are stored on a digital device, and it presents clearly only in the device. Though the memory in my head is not as clear as in digital storage. The effect on the video that I used is for expressing ‘what memories of the past moment remain to me now’. The more accurate it is, the less the subjectivity and emotion will enter. And there is no reason for personal experience should be recorded in an accurate and immutable form in pixels and frames unless the act of recording in everyday life is to leave evidence or to prove something. So that I add effects on each one of them.


Card wall

Poker card, 160 x 165 cm, 2019

About the work Fragility(card wall), I wanted to articulate the idea that ‘one is closely related to the other.’. When one element is removed, the other components are instantly affected. From a distance, it seems solid and well-woven wall of cards; indeed, it is holding each other, fighting from gravity ceaselessly.

One minute

00:00:57 video, 2019

The eyes, ears, and brain are cogwheels.

But imagine those gears in the state of neutral gear.

When the neutral gear is inserted, the connected gear falls slightly.

Normally, cogwheels are connected, so when the gears such as eyes and ears are turned. Finally, the gears of the brain work. 

Unintentionally, the neutral gear is put in the morning. And make gaps, and the moment of your ‘time’ stops to synchronize with actual ‘time.’

Then, no matter how the wheels of the eyes or ears are turned, they just turn in vain.


Wanted to make a clock looks perfectly rounds 1 minute. But this clock is only 56 seconds with 60 ticks. This is a clock of mine which flows quickly than usual in the morning.

Shaky voice

Copper wire, battery, 2019

Installation that speaks for my anxious and trembling voice instead of my voice.

I rolled copper wire same size and shape to make electricity flows in closed loop. Battery with magnet running inside of the copper pipe runs until the battery dies. I made this work because I wanted to express my mind state at the moment which is anxiety.

Remember me

memory1Printed on paper, 350 x 385 mm, 2019

The image of my grandfather never changed. Grandfather and grandmother never get old in my mind. It is frozen in what I had seen when I was about ten years old. After he fell once, he began losing his memory. Even if I was a doctor, it is a disease that modern medicine cannot fix. However, I didn’t want to ignore it thinking like, ‘It’s natural to grow old, and we’re all faced with this kind of process.’. I made a work on how to make me remember more warmly and euphemistically. My face will be on one side of his closet, and whenever he opens the closet door.

Save button

Aduino, paper, led, 60 x 70 x 40mm, 2019

I made tiny assistance that helps me during working with any program. Why do I always forget to press the Save button while I’m working? The mindset of adding a little bit more and saving it later is not easy for me. It’s not surprising to lost work of 30 minutes, but it breaks my heart every time I go through it. To prevent big losses of the future by adding a little bit of irritation, a Save button was created. I am done with repeating same mistake on saving document.

When LED starts to blink, it is time to save your document. No more regret, no more losing time and effort.