Distorted memory

In this video, 새폴더 is new folder(untitled folder) in Korean; when you make a new folder it has name of ‘untitled folder’ in english. This is a video of me looking inside of the folder, where and what is stored, or what photos are stored in the 새폴더 (new folder). I collect photos and videos. Despite the limited storage space, I thought it was definitely worth saving back then. But If I didn’t take the time to look on it, it is like nothing. Perhaps it is because the folders were not named and left as a new folder. After all, this is no different from the valuables in the garbage bag.  If I don’t look and cherish collected memory again, then the genuine meaning of memory is lost if it is still saved with digital form.

Glitched videos, 2020

These 3 videos are also about my memory. After years of traveling, I am not able to remember when it was exactly. Travel memories are stored on a digital device, and it presents clearly only in the device. Though the memory in my head is not as clear as in digital storage. The effect on the video that I used is for expressing ‘what memories of the past moment remain to me now’. The more accurate it is, the less the subjectivity and emotion will enter. And there is no reason for personal experience should be recorded in an accurate and immutable form in pixels and frames unless the act of recording in everyday life is to leave evidence or to prove something. So that I add effects on each one of them.