I was working with a small prototype of an LED kaleidoscope. The elements of the kaleidoscope are finite, but the ‘situation’ of their combination is infinite. I found that it is interesting that the separation of space can be seen as a symbolic use of time discrepancies. By concentrating only on the visual part, I tried to break down the boundaries of the notion of actual space that people have.

Cardboard, Arduino, led, 170 x 170 x 340 mm, 2019
Cardboard, Arduino, led, 270 x 270 x 340 mm, 2019

Then I came up with questions like ‘What is a sense of vision?’, ‘What if I put totally different input to each of eyes?’, ‘Then, how does our brain interpret the information?’. My previous prototype was only for one eye, but I made another hole for another eye. My eyes and brain have struggling to digest totally new information and experience. It was a bit dizzy experience gazing both colorful LEDs (but at one point, I realize that my fixating eye is my left eye). The experience, along with separating myself from the kaleidoscope world to actual space, separating visual information from each eyes took a while to adjust.

Where did I exist at that moment? Was it in a space that I was facing through the hole? Or was I in the space I was standing on?