StuKafest 28th of February,2019 , Nieuweekekhof 34a,Groningen, Netherlands

Shared studio does not allow me to spread or enjoy my inner abundance. There is no genuine private space allowed. Those who pass by me can easily recognize what I am doing whenever they want to know. And as soon as I close the bathroom door about 30 seconds from the studio, I find the narrow physical space quite emotionally expansive. The space that each person wants will be different, but the effect will not be much different. The reason for wanting such a space is not merely to need a place to hide or to avoid problems. Because such a space kindly explains; What type of person I am and what type of person do I wanted to be, what kind of emotions and qualities do I responded to, what kind of life do I pursue, and what kind of problems do I have.


I wanted to convey my feelings about this space to others. And, luckily, that opportunity came. January 30, 2019, Visit to StuKafest location: Nieuweekekhof 34a, on this day, I found my canvas. A toilet in the form of an under-the-stairs attic, not a typical square type toilet, I wanted to paint this space with pleasure with colorful lights. Music and psychedelic light of the space welcoming people to the party; party toilet.