Moving to new home

I planned to move closer to the city center. The student house that I used to live in the past was furnished already that I needed furniture for a new home. And shopping for furniture with a sense of, like, ‘this much, this big’ was problematic. I made these gloves because I thought it would be good to see the right number(cm) for this gesture. Because whenever I describe size, I usually think ‘this much’ by hand, or ‘this much’ by my height. I wanted to make a handy digital ruler. I’ve got a battery and a mini-Arduino in my glove so that I can carry it in one hand.

By measuring gesture, the distance (cm) is displayed on the screen.

Arduino mini, lcd i2c, ultrasonic sensor, glove, 180x80x30mm, 2019

By then, I moved, but the other important thing left was to bring the bike that was tied up in front of the previous house. I used to go to school by bus before. For reference, I rarely ride a bicycle in Korea. I made a turn signal glove to not to fall on the ground while I turn left or right on the bike road.

Pin, Led, battery, 180x80x20mm,2019