MMM :waiting

8aee505f-8abe-4f70-a2e0-29cdd663c82aPoster, printed, 841 x1189 mm
Performance, 20.12.2018, Praediniussingel 59A, 9711 AG Groningen

This was group project of MMM (Joowon, Aisha, Juan, Steven, George, Ciara

What is MMM (Media, Materials, Makers: Art and/as Research Exploration & Collaboration)
To explore a field where art, (new) media and research meet; to participate in collaborative projects with artists and scholars; to experiment with existing and new methods and approaches of (artistic) research: these could be all descriptions of Media, Material and Makers: Art and/as Research (MMM). MMM is developed as a collaborative module of the Master-programmes Arts, Culture and Media (KCM) and Art History (K&A) – both of the University of Groningen (RuG) – and the Masterprogrammes of the Frank Mohr Institute of the Hanze University.

We needed to deal with the theme; time and space. so we decided to focus on ‘waiting’ time. Premiere of a film and poster were installed. With performance, audience had to wait in front of the room where the film would be shown, looking at the poster, trailer and asked to be patient. But it was completely choreographed scam.