Soap, screw nail, 300 x250 x200 mm, 2017

We live in the era of technology of duplication. I decided to create this work by thinking about how to define and accept the work of art that is replicated. Through the technique of photography, painting start to replicated as photo. The things (made by craft man) became a product through the technology of mass production. But there is no perfect replication. I want to show this concept through using easily changeable material ‘soap’. There is no perfect replication. Only the appearance is duplicated as aura can’t be duplicated.

The materials of the original and replica are different. The meaning and the way to the owner are different. Ordinary chair is composed of wood, I duplicate its appearance so that it has the form of a bath chair, but its made of soap. And it makes users to be in different position. It may be the similar for user to put a chair in the bathroom. However, the way you sit on a chair and use it will not be used in this work. Instead, it will be used to bubble and clean up the body. Finally, it will have different uses and meanings.