Creative writing

Y2 Groningen, Oosterhamrikkade 2Y, 9714 BA Groningen-24/05/2019
Mixed media, 420 x 594 mm, 2019

I wrote passage comes up after undertaking the incense of mint. I wrote about a scene that I had not experienced. The scene rush into my head along with the fragrance, and I did not want to miss those images, so I wrote in Korean right before it disappears. After three revisions, it was translated into English. 


Luckily, I have a chance to exhibit at Y2. I translate this writing in two ways; visually and audibly. Because on the train, or while walking, I can hear sounds around me. And the sound is not understood in language, but it sounds like a background noise. When I saw people having so much fun, I could not even dare to try to know what they are talking about. I can only understand people talking in English. Speaking in Dutch is like an encrypted sound to me; on the contrary, audio-visually, Korean is too (for people who can’t speak this language). 


I tried to make both audio track’s volume as same as during the audio editing process. Then I was ‘Oh, maybe this process is necessary because I can understand both languages.’.