What if things alive

In the process of becoming an adult, people learnt that they compelled not to think outside the box and regarded their childhood imagination as insane crap. This work has started from this thought where I, myself became the god and instilled life in my object and my space. If my objects were alive in my space and lived with me, what emotions would they have?


Puberty mirror

Formax , PIR sensor, servo motor, Mirror paper, 600 x 400 x70 mm, 2017

I impersonated object like the litter bin, mirror and toilet paper holder in the bathroom which might be considered as a little stupid and unreasonable. This is a work starting from a small question, “The original function of mirror is to show thing as it is, but what if mirror does not want to show me?” When recognizing a person, it distorts the surface of mirror and reveals its feelings.



Stuffed trash bin

Formax , pressure sensor, servo motor, 3d-printed part, 150 x 150x 300mm, 2017

When PIR sensor detects human, servo motors those which placing on the back of the mirror start to move. This is a work starting from a question,  “Does a stuffed trash bin want to vomit trash it ate?” When the emptied trash becomes to contain a certain amount of trash, it can fall itself down and pour trash out. When pressure sensor detects weight, servo motor push the upper part to throw all the trashes.



Pretending nothing happened

Formax , fabric, motor, PIR sensor, 3d- printed plastic ,290 x 100 x 98 mm, 2017

It is a tissue hanger that plays to unwind tissue recklessly and pretends nothing happened by winding tissue as many times as it was unwound when detecting a person comes. When PIR sensor value is low, a stepper motor starts rotating, and as soon as it is high, it rotates in the opposite direction.