To take a seat at a cafe in Korea, you put your belongings there and go to order. There is a lot of CCTV in my life in Korea, though I don’t know if people’s morality is carried out with the fact that they are being monitored. I’ve been doing this, and it hasn’t been a problem until then, so it was kind of a tacit agreement. Living abroad, I thought I had to be more cautious about my belongings, but in Groningen, where I lived, I didn’t think of things to be stolen. Through the ING transfer details, I noticed that he use my card at Burger King for three times. Yes, maybe I could be generous on this like, ‘robber must be hungry’. But in Korea, if someone steals your belongings, the robber never dares to use a card. I was really shocked.

And while I was in the Police office to make a police report, I notice that there was a surveillance camera. And as I talked about this incident with people around me, I found that my views and perceptions of privacy were very different from theirs. For example, “It is better without a surveillance camera than took our freedom and our privacy.”. I know there is a surveillance camera that contains a photo of the thief. Nevertheless, Police never give information about the procedure, and the case became a cold case. So, I made this project.

Raspberry pi, accelerometer, pi camera, arduino, 2020

‘Even if I know your face, I don’t know who you are, and I won’t know you, no matter what I do.’